The Cuban missile crisis

The Cuban Missile crisis-information on the crisis

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The Cuban Missile Crisis, hinge of the Cold War, 1962
Year Incident
1959 Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro
1960 USCuban relations deteriorate
19612 US covert action against Castro
Operation Mongoose USSR backing
for the Cuban revolution
1962 May Khrushchev decides to send nuclear
weapons to Cuba
1962 August US intelligence detect activity but not
strategic weapons
1962 September SAM sites discovered Kennedy warns
against offensive weapons
14th October 1962 Missile sites first discovered by U2 spy
16th October 1962 Ex Comm meets for the first time
22nd October 1962 Kennedy announces the blockade of
245 October 1962 Soviet ships turn around
27 October 1962 Key day of the crisis essentials of
compromise agreed
29th October 1962 Khrushchev publicly backs down
November 1962 Soviet withdraw Castro refuses to
allow inspection by the UNO
This was one of the most dangerous moments of the war and a turning point in
history. The options open to both superpowers were limited due to the weapon
capacity of each country.
The crisis is known as the Cuban Missile Crisis in the West, the Caribbean
Crisis by the USSR and the October Crisis in Cuba.
The crisis had its origins in the developments in the 1950s. The development of
missile technology and the US's deployment of missiles in Turkey, Italy and
Britain caused alarm for the USSR. The use of spy planes indicated to the USA
their lead in missile technology. The spy plane also showed the missiles in Cuba
before they became operational which had a huge impact on the events.


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