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The Cuban Missile
October 1962
Today's targets:
To understand the origins of the crisis
To understand why the superpowers came so
close to war.
To be able to explain how the crisis was resolved.…read more

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A Caribbean Island ­ 90
miles South of the USA
off the coast of Florida.
Poor, main export is
Most businesses owned
by US companies.
Ruled by a dictator,
General Batista…read more

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Fidel Castro
Castro plans an uprising in Cuba
aided by Che Guevara
Batista became more unpopular
and fled the country on 1st
January 1959.
Castro marched into Havana
and formed a coalition which
introduced reforms designed to
end corruption and terror.
A coalition communist
government was formed.…read more

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President Kennedy
Takes office January 1961.
Presented with a plan to
support Cuban exiles
invading Cuba.
To succeed the plan needs:
US airstrikes on Cuba to
destroy its air force.
An uprising of the Cuban
people against Castro's
regime.…read more

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The Bay of Pigs
August 1961
1,500 Cuban exiles, armed by the USA
land at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba.
Kennedy tries to disguise US
involvement, by limiting the air attack.
There is no uprising to support the
invasion as they are happy with Castro's
Exile forces are destroyed within 72
Kennedy is humiliated.…read more

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Missile deployment to Cuba
Castro fears that the US is planning
a full scale invasion and turns to the
USSR to help.
Khrushchev secretly sends medium
range nuclear missiles to Cuba
along with 40,000 Soviet troops.
Detected by US spy-planes (U2)
From Cuba, Soviet nuclear missiles
can hit the US mainland in minutes.…read more

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