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The Creation and Development of Landforms of Upland Glacial Erosion
Corries Formation

The formation of a corrie/cirque occurs on the side
of a mountain or hill. They are usually the starting
point for a glacier and are responsible for dramatic
changes in the landscape.

Corries form in hollows in the…

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5) The back wall is deepened when the ice
re-freezes and plucks out rocks as part of
glacial plucking. This leads to a steeper
edge and a larger bergschrund. Freeze
thaw also causes the re-frozen ice to
become attached to the rock. This causes
further abrasion along the rock further…

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Example location: Helvellyn ­ Lake District

This location shows the corries, the arêtes and the pyramidal peak. It is shown from
Google Earth.

Human Uses of Upland Glacial Areas:
Tourism / sightseeing
Hill walking / mountaineering / rock climbing
Winter sports
Hydro - Electric Power (HEP)

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