The Creation and Development of Landforms of Upland Glacial Erosion

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The Creation and Development of Landforms of Upland Glacial Erosion
Corries Formation
The formation of a corrie/cirque occurs on the side
of a mountain or hill. They are usually the starting
point for a glacier and are responsible for dramatic
changes in the landscape.
Corries form in hollows in the rock, where snow can
build up. This picture is of Helvellyn in the Peak
1) Snow collects on the side of the slope and becomes compressed to create solid
ice sheets. The snow compacts into ice and
this accumulates over many years to
compact into Névé. Glaciers normally form
on one side of a mountain peak- side that
gets least sun and the coldest winds where
there's most acculation and least ablation.
This is known as pre-glaciation, where little
snow has fallen and glaciation of the area has
not occurred
2) Abrasion and glacial plucking along with freeze thaw will make the dip into the
slope larger and deeper by nivation over thousands of years. This is the start of
3) A rotational slip occurs and this creates a
bergschrund at the back of the corrie. The
back wall is then affected by glacial plucking
and this increases the burrow size.
4) The mass of the ice is moved down hill
because of the gravity pulling it towards to ground and the water which provides
lubrication for the ice to move along. It will move in a rotational movement
because of the angle of the slope and the depth of the corrie.

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The back wall is deepened when the ice
re-freezes and plucks out rocks as part of
glacial plucking. This leads to a steeper
edge and a larger bergschrund. Freeze
thaw also causes the re-frozen ice to
become attached to the rock. This causes
further abrasion along the rock further
downhill. As there is water from the
surface melting that enters the
bergschrund, this causes more freeze
thaw and leads to the corrie enlarging further.…read more

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Example location: Helvellyn ­ Lake District
This location shows the corries, the arêtes and the pyramidal peak. It is shown from
Google Earth.
Human Uses of Upland Glacial Areas:
Tourism / sightseeing
Hill walking / mountaineering / rock climbing
Winter sports
Hydro - Electric Power (HEP)
Fiords or sea lochs.…read more

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