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The conditional tense Spanish
When to use it
It is a mood that expresses what a subject `would' do under certain circumstances e.g. If I had
the money I would go..., I would eat but I'm not hungry etc.
How to form it
All three types of verbs (ar, er and ir endings) all use the same endings. Add the following onto
the end of the verb:
I = ía
You = ías
He/she/it = ía
We = íamos
You = ía
They = ían
e.g. Vivir = Viviría
Comer = Comeríamos
Hablar = Hablaría
Decir = Diría
Haber = Habría
Hacer = Haría
Poder = Podría
Saber = Sabría
Ser = Sería
Tener = Tendría


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