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The conditional tense French
When to use it
It is a mood that expresses what a subject `would' do under certain circumstances e.g. If I had
the money I would go..., I would eat but I'm not hungry etc.
How to form it
Add the following endings to the end of the verb for er and ir ending verbs, however for re ending
verbs take off the e then add the following:
I = ais
You = ais
He/she/it = ait
We = ions
You = iez
They = aient
e.g. Parler = Parlerais
Finir = Finirais
Vendre = Vendrais
Aller = Ir = Irais
Avoir = Aur = Aurais
Devoir = Devr = Devrais
Etre = Ser = Serais
Faire = Fer = Ferais
Pouvoir = Pourr = Pourrais
Savoir = Saur = Saurais
Venir = Viendr = Viendrais
Voir = Verr = Verrais
Vouloir = Voudr = Voudrais


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