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The future tense French
When to use it
It is used to describe something one will do, or an event that will happen e.g. I will go, it will rain.
How to form it
For er or ir ending verbs, add the following endings to the word. For re verbs, remove the e then
add the following endings:
I = ai
You = as
He/she/it = a
We = ons
You = ez
They =ont
e.g. Parler = Parlerai
Finir = Finirai
Vendre = Vendrai
Aller = Ir = Irai
Avoir = Aur = Aurai
Devoir = Devr = Devrai
Etre = Ser = Serai
Faire = Fer = Ferai
Pouvoir = Pourr = Pourrai
Savoir = Saur = Saurai
Venir = Viendr = Viendrai
Voir = Verr = Verrai
Vouloir = Voudr = Voudrai


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