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The imperfect tense French
When to use it
It is used to describe conditions as they were in the past, using `was or `were', e.g. I was
speaking, we were going.
How to form it
Take the `nous' form of the present tense, remove the `ons' and add the following endings:
I = ais
You = ais
He/she/it = ait
We = ions
You = iez
They = aient
e.g. Jouer = Nous jouons = Je jouais
Finir = Nous finissons = Je finissais
Vendre = Nous vendons = Je vendais
Aller = Nous allons = J'allais
Avoir = Nous avons = J'avais
Croire = Nous croyons = Je croyais
Dire = Nous disons = Je disais
Faire = Nous faisons = Je faisais
Pouvoir = Nous pouvons = Je pouvais
Savoir = Nous savons = Je savais
Vouloir = Nous voulons = Je voulais


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