The Cat and the Moon

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  • Created on: 03-05-15 21:24

Yeat's uses dancing as an image of transcendence/ ideal responsiveness to beauty and art. 

"The cat went here and there"

- not inspired - doesn't have art (the moon) to control him.

"The moon spun round like a top"

- the gyre - history spins around.

- crazy - lunatic. 

"the nearest kin of the moon"

- cat and the moon are related - the cat is responsive to it - art/beauty. 

- uses lunar kindredship as a metaphor for general aesthetic responsiveness. 

"For, wander and wail as he would,"

can't escape the moon - artists cannot escape art.

- totally emmersed.

"The pure cold light in the sky  -  Troubled his animal blood."

- mysterious. 

- moon troubles him - irritates him.

- animal blood = heart.

- art can cause pain - can't escape it. 

"Minnaloushe runs in the grass"


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