Bolshevik Strengths

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  • Bolshevik Strengths
    • Policies
      • Bolsheviks opposed the PG and urged its overthrow.
      • Bolsheviks were the only party opposed to continuing the war- greatly increased popularity.
      • Support of the peasants with promise of land redistribution
    • Luck
      • Military and economic collapse offered Bolsheviks unique opportunity.
      • Radicalised workers who favoured sovet power supported the Bolsheviks.
      • Kerensky played into the Bolsheviks' hands as attempt to counter the rising.
    • The Party
      • Role of Lenin was crucial - strong leadership and policy decisions (April Theses) and October Rev.
      • Very organised party and and broadly followed directives from the party leadership
      • Trotskys role in persuading Lenin to postpone uprising important; Congress of Soviets was the vehicle for the seizure of power
    • Other
      • Bolshevik's had greater number of active supporters- soldiers, sailors etc...
      • Majority of soldiers not involved stayed neutral and refused to oppose them, guaranteed their success in October.


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