Bolsheviks consilidation of Power

How did the Bolsheviks consilidate power between 1917 and 1924?
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April Theses


  • April Theses
           -   Lenin returns to gain the support of the Bolsheviks and for the
               Bolsheviks. And to also undermine the Provisional Government  

         'Peace, Land and Bread' Promosing what the Prov Gov haven't 

                 -  Second stage of the revolution is Socialism - all power to the 
                     proletariate "All Power to the Soviets.   


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Siezure of Power


  • Siezure of Power
             -  Changing circumstances, Bolsheviks seen as defenders

                   -  Timing of the Uprising

                   -  Weakness of the Provisional Governent. Bloodless over-taking

                   - Orgainisational skills of Trotsky

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The Constituent Assembly


  • The Constituent Assembly 
               -  Dissolved as the majority was Social Revolutionaries

                     - Condemned as an instrument of the Bourgeoisie

                     - 'All Russia Congress of Soviets' created, which the Bolsheviks  
had most influence over

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