The Black Peoples Of The Americas. Diary Entry

hey this is my diary entery on the black people of america. Not much but it give you an idea

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The Black Peoples Of The Americas. Diary Entry24/09/08
Today, as always we were in the fields scarce past first light until the darkness over came us. It is
harvest time and the master wants us in the field at every light moment. Today I received three
whips from the overseers. The overseers are white men they do not care for us nor sympathise. They
heartlessly hit us pleasurably. I worked all day in the sugar fields, cutting cane and digging and
weeding. We look forward for two sunrises away for the day when we can relax, dance, sing. That is
the day that the white men and the priest call the Sabbath or Sunday. My back is hurting because of
the whip lashes have cut deep into them.
We live in small huts near the fields. We had to make them ourselves. We have a bit of land
near by where we grow some food. The master gives us meat and cornbread to eat. The extra food
that we grow we sell. It is very hot in our hut because the fire is in the middle to keep away the
insects. We cook our food in hollow pumpkins we call calabash. I sleep on old rags and straw. The
master treats us well compared to other peoples master's that I know.
I am very proud of my daughter; she works in the big house. One day the mistress came and
told her that she had been chosen to work in the house. She gets many privileges, she gets more
food, better beds and sometimes the mistress even gives her old or extra new clothes. We
plantation slaves have to wear rough clothes and only get I pair of shoes a year.
Last week a slave girl ran away. When they found her they whipped her many times and
chained her to they ground for three days. Some people get worse. They get hanged or some get
Yesterday we went to the forest to practice our African religions. It is so much better than
the white people's religion. We sing and dance and play the drums all night.
We are not paid for our work in the fields. We are not permitted o read or write. We cannot
even preach at the church. My son is working very hard he also helps in the big house. He is a butler.
He tried hard to read and write before the rule was made. The master saw his passion and he has
lessons at the school once every full moon. He also helps to clean the school he gets money for this
and is working hard to buy his freedom.
However we have a long day tomorrow and I must sleep.
Nomsa Mobaya


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