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The Black
Death…read more

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Key questions
There are 3 questions that will be asked
during the course of the lesson;
1. What is the "Black Death"?
2. What caused the Black Death?
3. What were the consequences?…read more

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The plague arrives
Historians think that the plague arrived in England during
the summer of 1348. During the following autumn it
spread quickly through the south west. Few villages
escaped. Churchyards were full with bodies.
The plague spread quickly during the winter of 1348-1349
to the north of England. By 1350, nearly the whole of
Britain was infected with the plague.
At the end of 1350 nearly two and a half million people
were dead!…read more

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Where did the Black Death come
from?…read more

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What were the symptoms of the plague?…read more

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What caused the plague?
The question that you are probably thinking
is this;
Q: Who or what caused the Black
A: This is your answer!
The Oriental Rat Flea!…read more

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