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The application and the different approaches of the
ethical theories to abortion and the right to a child
Ethical theories
Ryan, Katie, Abi ,Louisa, Jack,Michael…read more

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· Utilitarianism is the idea that everything must
be done for the greater good. Because of this,
abortion can be seen as acceptable in some
For example, if having the baby would put
financial pressures on the family, or it would
strain them and clash with other family needs,
it would not be seen as good.
However, getting rid of the baby just because
you do not want it is not necessarily the
greatest good, and therefore it will not be
seen as good by the hedonic calculus…read more

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Kant's theories
· The Kantian idea is confusing, contradicting
itself and never gives a straight answer. At
first it says that abortion should only be used
in situations like rape, where having the baby
could be a constant reminder and cause pain.
If that is so, then the baby should be aborted.
What if you are a product of rape though, or
someone who does good. Doing so would be
an act of evil because you are letting more
evil happen, and so it doesn't specify.…read more

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Natural law
· Natural law is about protecting innocent
people, not causing them pain,
otherwise that is evil. As a foetus has
done nothing wrong, killing it would be
killing an innocent, and would therefore
be evil. The only exception of this is
when does a foetus become human,
and have moral responsibilities.…read more

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Situation ethics
· Situation ethics is a lot like utilitarianism,
where every thing done must be with the
best interests of everyone involved taken
into account. In this way, abortion can be
accepted if having the baby would result in
damage to work or educational
achievement.…read more

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· The virtue ethics all depend on the status of
the foetus. Again it is a lot like natural law
in way: if the baby was known to either be
in lots of pain from birth until it died, or
would be evil, then an abortion would be a
good thing as it is preventing as much evil
as possible.…read more


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