Application of ethical theories to abortion

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  • Application of ethical theories to abortion
    • Christian ethics
      • Sanctity of life empasised.
        • Strong sanctity of life- Catholics
        • Weak sanctity of life: Anglicans, protestant
      • A child is a gift from God and should not be destroyed.
      • Abortion is against natural law and is evil.They believe an embryo or foetus has the same status as any other human.
      • Natural law
        • preservation of lifer and the belief that all life has equal status- the destruction of embryos goes against these primary precepts.
        • Absolute theory- does not take into consideration the consequences of actions
    • Utilitarianism
      • Happiness Vs pain is an important consideration
      • Focuses on the outcome not the action
      • Life dosent have intrinsic value
      • Preferance utiliatarians considers the preferance of the mother and the rest of the family.
      • Considers the foetus as a potential not an actual person.
    • Kantain ethics
      • Treat people as ends not means
      • Abortion can be seen as a right if a foetus is not considered to be a reasoning person.
      • Abortion can be seen as wrong if the mother does it for selfish reasons only.
      • Humans have intrinsic worth so this could be applied to potential humans too.


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