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Media Studies Exam...
Media Representations

Who is being represented?
In what way?
By whom? (links to institution)
Why is the subject being represented in this way? (links to ideology)
Is the representation fair and accurate?
What opportunities exist for self-representation by the subject?

Media Languages and Forms

What are the…

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the genre? What meanings and associations do they have?

Media Institutions

What is the institutional source of the text?
In what ways has the text been influenced or shaped by the institution which
produced it?
Is the source a public service or commercial institution? What difference does this
make to…

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The Next Generation' (1987), was directly influenced by the popular rise of
therapy on the west coast of the USA in the 1980s.

Political Contexts

What ideological framework underpinned the government in power at the time of
What impact might political pressure have had on media institutions (the press,…


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