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Introduction- Genre is identified by Neale as a "set of expectations." Or codes and conventions that audiences can build expectations for their reading of a text. My foundation portfolio of a horror film opening sequence sought to utilise stock codes and conventions to enhance the audience's gratification. 

Paragraph 1- Propp's characters, Todorovian model. Talk about establishing the vulnerable character, the hero and the villain. Neale- "Genres are instances of repetition and difference." 

Paragraph 2- Todorov establshing equilibrium and disequilibrium in opening sequence. Binary opposition hero and villain -> final stand off. 

Paragraph 3- Clover's final girl theory, for a film to be successful surviving character must be female as must experience abject terror. 

Paragraph 4-  Concerns with conforming can cause predictability. Deborah Knight- "Genre may offer various emotional pleasures such as empathy and escapism. Role of villain veer away. Blumler and Katz, uses and gratifications, diversion, personal identity. 

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Introduction- Representation is the process of constructing a reality in a media text. In my foundation portfolio of creating an opening sequence for a horror movie, representation is significant as it establishes genre as well as possible outcomes of narrative in terms of who is going to come out on top in the inevitable final battle. 

Paragraph 1- Berger- Binary opposition and Propp character types establish a narrarive. Stock character of a hero, and vulnerable character will know there is a villain. 

Paragraph 2- Clover's final girl theory, surviving character must be femal to experience abject terror. Female capable through mise en scene. Revelation and disruption that Alice will eventually have to resolve. Camera angles mocking of males. 

Paragraph 3- Van Zoonen- "contours of a cultural feminist media studies project emerge." Invisibility of male power Alfie. Alice is not passive, sexualised or dependent.Oppose gender codes dominant reading as strong and empowered. Butler gender performativity. 

Paragraph 4- Hall- stereotypes reduce the person to exaggerated characteristics, encreasing representation of women as dominant conformed to. Dominant female contrasted with vulnerable male. Oppositional, surrounded by other men-> examples and analysis. 

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Introduction- The construction of a media text is significant in it's attempt to manipulate an audience's reaction and decoding of meaning, albeit within a framework of other influences upon them. My foundation portfolio production was a horror movie opening sequence primarily seeking to entertain audiences of middle/working class teenagers who love horror movies enjoying the thrill of excitement and unpredictability. 

Paragraph 1- Frankfurt School, Hypodermic Syringe. Micro aspects to be passively decoded, non diegetic soundtrack, something about to happen. 

Paragraph 2- Lazerfeld, Two step flow theory. Opinion leaders, final girl, satisfy popularist ideas. 

Paragraph 3- Blumler and Katz, uses and gratifications. Diversion, escape from reality, represent them as normal but in a exciting experience. Personal identity of female, audiences relate. 

Paragraph 4- Hall, reception theory. Multiple ways they decode rather than just hegemonic ways. Audience may see oppositional. 

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