Teachers' notes - Good feedback

This template will provide support for teachers to reflect on their use formative assessment.

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Teachers' notes
Am I providing good feedback?
Rationale The most effective feedback is formative in nature - that is it provides the
ideas and guidance which students need to improve their work and
supports them as autonomous learners who are responsible for their own
progress. Formative assessment plays a crucial role in learning (Hattie et
al. 1996).
The best examples of formative assessment take account of:
Different intelligences and learning styles (see pages 9-10).
The benefits of rewarding effort as well as achievement.
The amount of learning that has occurred rather than the performance.
The need to motivate in order to promote self-esteem and learning.
The fact that formative assessment should be only part of an overall
teaching and learning policy (Clarke, 2005).
The templates provided in the section on Feedback (see pages 73-84)
will provide support for teachers keen to develop their approach to
formative assessment.
How to use The checklist allows teachers to reflect on their use of formative
assessment. It should assist in the identification of areas to develop as
well as providing reassurance about existing approaches to providing

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Am I providing good feedback?
Purpose of feedback
Am I clear about what I am assessing?
Do I provide feedback on the process of learning as well as the product?
Do I provide feedback on the development of study skills?
Student involvement
Do I make students aware of the criteria for assessment?
Do I allow thinking time when questioning?
Do I ask open as well as closed questions?
Do I create a supportive atmosphere where students are confident to make
mistakes and take risks?…read more


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