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Hello Get Revising members! Your school can now join Get Revising so that you can use your account in lessons and test your class mates. It's completely free to use and gives your teacher lots of extra features.

Download this print out and show it to your teacher.

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Not for you? Please
pass on to the
relevant teacher
part of The Student Room
Get your students prepared
for mock exams
Free revision help for all of your students on
Step 1: Create a revision timetable
Your students can build personalised revision schedules in under
10 minutes on Get Revising.
We help them build an interactive, well-planned timetable that
prioritises the topics they find difficult.
Step 2: Memorising key facts
When it comes to cramming we've got thousands of
flashcards and quizzes to test your students' understanding.
Students can also create their own and challenge the class
to see who can achieve a high score.
Step 3: Practising past papers
Past papers are the best preparation for exams. We've got lots
of past papers for GCSE and A level on Get Revising, so your
class can test themselves whenever they're ready.
Over 25,000 students and teachers joined in September.
FREE access for your school. Get in touch now.
[email protected]
See why over 1 million students and teachers already use

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Not for you? Please
pass on to the
relevant teacher
Expert help for
university applications
The Getting into Uni Guide
The Student Room and Which? have teamed up to create the ultimate
guide for applying to university. It has key UCAS deadlines, advice for
picking a course and student finance guidance
Read and print our guide:
Save time on personal statements 1
We help your students create well-written personal statements without
hours of your support.…read more


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