Mock exam review sheet

Use this sheet for student self-assessment after mock exams.

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Mock exam review
1. Preparation
How much revision/preparation did I do?
What methods did I use to I revise?
Did I revise all of the necessary topics?
Did I find all of topics equally hard?
Did I ask for help from anyone?
Overall, my score for preparation should be (circle figure)
1 2 3 4 5
Very poor Poor Satisfactory Good Very good
Review and action
What could I do better next time?

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Mock exam review: Teachers' notes
Rationale The purpose of this form is to encourage students to reflect on their mock exam
preparation and technique as well as their actual answers. The mark or grade is
not the main focus here. Students need to reflect on and respond to the formative
comments made by the marker.
How to use Students should complete the form when their papers (and comments) are
returned.…read more


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