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Systems Analysis
Analysis Collect data from current system
Inputs, processes, outputs
Identify the problems with the current system
Agree objectives with customer
Identify customer Requirements
Produce costbenefit analysis
Produce data flow diagram for the customer
Design Design sata capture forms
Design screen layouts, output forms and reports
Produce system flow charts and pseudocode
Design system validation rules
Data verification methods
Agree files structures/tables
Design hardware requirements
Design software requirements
Produce algorithms
Design test strategy
Development & testing Actually produce the system itself
Test it to ensure it does what it is supposed to do
This stage also deals with how the interface will interact with the final system

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Implementation Load it onto the client's network
Train the staff
Replace the old system
Scan documents, key in the data, download files
Changeover to new system
Direct changeover, run them in parallel, pilot, phased
Check the risks high medium or low
Documentation Show how to use the system/s
Technical documentation
Evalutation & review Compare the final solution
Identify system limitations
Verification? Prevents errors when copying data from one platform to the other
Validation? Checks the data to ensure that it satisfies the required criteria think…read more


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