SYNOPTIC 2015 - Potential Impacts of of Climate Change in the Arctic Region

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Potential impacts of climate change on the arctic national parks and other protected areas.
Impact Effects of impact
Northward treeline Up to 200­300 km movement in the next 100 years (where
extension movement is not impeded by soil condition)
Increased active layer and May extend northward by 500 km, causing altered drainage
permafrost thawing patterns
Sea-level rise Variable, either moderated by isostatic rebound or exacerbated by
Reduced sea- and lake-ice Altered sea mammal distributions (especially for polar bears and
seasons ringed seals), as well as more northerly distribution of ice-edge
phytoplankton blooms, zooplankton, and fish
Increased snowpack and Reduced access to browse for ungulates
ice layers
Greater severity and Increased harassment of ungulates and potential for pest outbreaks
length of insect seasons in boreal forests
Altered migration Diminished genetic exchange amongarctic islands
Altered predator­prey Changes in species abundance, and potentially the establishment of
and host­parasite novel interactions between pairs of species


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