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What is the membership of the Supreme Court?
· Scalia- Strict constructionist, nominated in 1986 by Reagan
· Thomas- Strict constructionist, nominated in 1991 by Bush
· Roberts- Strict constructionist, Chief Justice, nominated by
Bush Jr in 2005
· Kennedy- Strict constructionist, nominated in 1988 by…

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Constitution more liberally, and likes to stress the power of
the federal government. They like looking at what Founding
Fathers would believe now, and looking at the context of the
constitution, to see if the values that were in mind still
apply. Ginsburg, Breyer, Kagan and Sotomeyer are all loose…

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resolve issues through the power of judicial review, like civil
rights and civil liberties. Members are also appointed by
politicians- the President and senators, and are often appointed
politically- Democrat and Republican presidents are far more
likely to appoint Supreme Court nominees that share their views
then those who oppose…

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schools by sending troops to enforce the desegregation of
Central Little Rock High School. This is in contrast Bush Sr,
who criticised the Texas v Johnson case in 1989, which
forbade a Texas law making burning of the US flag
unconstitutional ( he called "wrong, dead wrong")


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