A terrifying and haunting tale

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A terrifying and haunting tale


  • Supernatural elements suggest that Wuthering Heights is a story of "haunting" in some aspects as Catherine's ghost technically haunts the grounds of Wuthering Heights.
  • Although I do not personally perceive Wuthering Height's as terrifying when the novel was first published it received backlash for it's graphic and violent imagery which could have been seen as terrifying at the time.
  • The moors featured in Wuthering Heights could be seen as terrifying. Their power over man (sublime) has an effect on the reader which can be seen as terrifying if they were to actually face the moors.


  • I wouldn't personally say that the novel is terrifying as no aspect of the novel scared me personally.


The novel in reflection could be seen as a terrifying and haunting tale in relation to the aspects of the sublime and supernatural which run throughout the narration of Wuthering Height's. Certain elements of nature, such as the Yorkshire moors portray the terrifying sublime present within the novel, the moors also form a supernatural region that does not hold boundaries and instead reflects a place of freedom as well as danger.


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