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Summary of developmental part 2

Bowlby's evolutionary theory

AO1- describe

Innate- certain behaviours called social releasers (e.g. crying) are inherited
from our parents. These cause the child and parent to spend more time
together, thus forming an attachment
Critical period- attachments need to form within the critical period which

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families, yet the babies still only have one main attachment figure which is
to their mother. The similarity in attachment behaviour in a different
culture suggests that innate factors cause attachments.

Disruption of attachment and failure to form attachments- privation

Separation and deprivation-

Robertson (AO1)

Studied children who were separated…

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A lot of detailed information was gathered from Genie allowing some
conclusions to be drawn.
Cannot generalise results (population validity) as it was a case study
with a small sample size
Genie may have been mentally retarded at birth which casts doubt on
the conclusion that privation was the cause…

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Privation and deprivation

Spitz and wolf

Looked at children in American orphanages. They suffered from privation
due to poor emotional care from nurses. They suffered from anaclitic
depression and most dies as a result.


Good ecological validity as it happened in real life
May be out of date as…


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