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Summary of developmental part 1


Strong emotional bond between a child and a parent that is shown by upset
upon separation and happiness upon reunion.

Strange situation

26 middle class US families
8 stages took 21 minutes
Uses stranger and separation anxiety to classify infants
Controlled observation:
- m,…

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population validity- small number of participants, only middle class
Americans were involved so can't generalise to other cultures
ecological validity- can't generalise to real life because babies may
behave differently at home as it was done in a lab environment
poor ethics- causes distress- Takahashi had to terminate 90% of…

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Replicated the SS in Japan, had to terminate 90% of cases due to extreme
distress from children
Shows that distress is caused by SS for all children
SS may therefore give invalid classifications in some cultures

Relation to factors affecting attachment type

The consistencies can be used to support the…

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Pavolov- provided evidence that animals can learn through classical
conditioning. A neutral stimulus (a bell) when paired with a
unconditioned stimulus (food) will cause the dog to produce saliva
(conditioned response) when the bell is produced on its own. Whilst
babies could learn to form attachment through classical conditioning


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