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Spread 1c ­ Starting an exercise regime
Medical history and lifestyle history are two information you are required when planning a
fitness regime
Medical History
- Family history of anyone who suffers any medical condition
- Any circulatory or respiratory problems you have
- Any treatment you have had for injuries
- Any medication you take e.g. inhaler
Lifestyle History - A healthy and active lifestyle? (Smoking?)Previous fitness treatments?
This allows the fitness instructors to create an exercise that is suitable for you
Baseline Data ­ Initial measurements you take when beginning a new activity
- Heart Rate: As you exercise your heart rate increases ­ your heart beats faster to deliver
more food and nutrients to your muscles.
- Blood Pressure: When you do vigorous exercise your heart beats more forcefully ­ blood
pressure increases.
- Recovery Period: The fitter you get the faster your recovery period after exercising
- Proportion of body fat: Too much body fat puts a strain on your heat and your arteries
may become dangerously narrowed
- Body Mass Index: Measures your body mass based on your height and weight. It indicates
whether you are healthy for your size.
Spread 1d ­ Fit for purpose?
Accurate Data ­ the results should be as close to what's actually happening as possible
-an accurate instrument or procedure gives a true reading but faulty equipments could
lead to inaccuracy
Different instruments give different readings ­ double check measurements
Calibrate ­ equipment used by professionals need to be regulated
Repeatable Data ­ should give reliable results - you get similar results with each re-run
of an experiment ­ there is confidence in your techniques and methods
Calculate averages when you record several measurements

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Spread 1e ­ Sport Injuries
Common injuries include ... sprains, dislocations, torn tendons, torn ligaments
- Most common sports injury
- Happens when you overstretch the ligaments by twisting your ankles or knee
- Symptoms ...…read more


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