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B2 1
Summary sheet

Teacher notes

Answers to summary questions
1 a) These cells must be produced on a regular basis to replace those that die
otherwise the organs listed would quickly break down.
b) Many nerve cells live for at least 70 years otherwise the human body could…

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B2 1.1

1 a) D Cell membrane
E Nucleus
F Cytoplasm (1 mark each)
b) i) Cell wall (1 mark)
ii) Cellulose (1 mark)
c) i) Vacuole (1 mark)
ii) Cell sap (1 mark)
d) Either Absorbs light energy
(1 mark)
to make/manufacture food/sugars (1 mark)
Or (Carries out)…

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B2 1.1

3 a) Yes ­ because she would not know how much light there was shining on
the tree (1 mark)
OR Yes ­ so that she could calculate the efficiency of light gathering for
photosynthesis. (2 marks)
b) Sunny/no clouds (1 mark)
c) More than one position ­…

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B2 1.1

1. (a) movement of water [1] 3
from high concentration (of water) to
low concentration (of water)
from (an area of) dilute solution to an
area of concentrated solution [1]
through a differentially or partially or
selectively or semi permeable
membrane [1]
(b) (i) it will rise…


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