B7 - B7.1 Living Organisms are Interdependent. twenty first century science

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B7.1 living organisms are interdependant.

Here are some Notes, and key words you need to know for your exam for this unit, also i have put in some questions for you to test yourself on the unit and put the answers below the questions. Good luck on your exam :) Hope this helps, sorry if there are any mistakes or spelling errors.

Key words you need to know.

Autotroph = Organisms which produce their own organic compounds. (organisms that can make their own food)

Heterotrophs = Organisms that obtain organic compounds by eating other organisms. (organisms that cant make their own food.)

Decomposers = micro - organisms that feed on and decay dead organisms

Producers = Organisms that can make their own food, they are the autotrophs at the start of food chains

Herbivores = animals that feed on plants; they are primary consumers

Carnivores = Animals that feed on other animals

Notes = these are things you should know for the exam.

To begin with, you need to understand that all organisms are dependent on energy from the sun. We need the sun for both thermal energy (helps to keep the Earth's atmosphere warm) and light energy (which green plants use to make food chemicals)

You need to be able to distinguish between autotrophs and heterotrophs in an ecosystem so make sure you've learnt the key words and know what they are.

You need to Know what both pyramids of numbers and pyramids of biomass are. Pyramids of numbers shows the numbers of organisms at each feeding level. It gives you no idea of the biomass at


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