Suicide:Crime and Deviance.Sociology.

Sociology and Suicide brief revision notes. 

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Durkheim (Functionalist)
Suicide is affected by wider social forces.
Durkheim carried out comparison method research on Suicide and based
his research on official statistics. He compared different countries rates
and found they were not all the same but were overall stable. He then
went on to find that crime was higher in certain groups for example men,
single people and childless people.
Social Facts
Durkheim found there was correlation between social facts and suicide
meaning it was not a random act. Social facts are values, cultural norms
and structural factors which are external influences on people. They are
measurable and observable. Examples of these social facts are political,
economic, religious, domestic and religious factors. He found there is
most correlation between religion and suicide.

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J.M Atkinson
Atkinson stated official statistics are not social facts and are in fact socially
constructed. A coroner must make the decision so it cannot be factual. He
states to get reliable research the coroner must look at 4 factors.
Suicide note
Mode of death
Place of death
History of medical illness
JWB Douglas (Interactionist)
Suicide has different meanings to different people so are not value
freedom.…read more


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