suffragettes and militancy


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Lisa Forge 07/01/2009
Effective organisation of the groups which campaigned for
women's suffrage
Women followed orders from their leaders to be unarmed
The use of flyers to gain organisation
Held meetings
Mass meetings and mass arrests
All different types of people came to the meetings
They had liberal groups which had liberal MPs and the
suffragists working together
Effectiveness im gaining publicity for the cause
A summons to a court provides attention
Gaining publicity through newspapers speaking about how
they were being treated and their actions
Used flyers to form mass protests
A death at the derby arises vast awareness
Other militants are aware of their activities through
Would chain themselves to landmarks such as Buckingham
Cartoons in newspapers add irony
Arrests provides attention, women seen as heroes to their
It was perceived that only upper and middle class women were
able to be members
Changes in the attitude of politicians towards women suffrage
Were trying to ignore the militants
Some see their actions as madness
Were stopping them from going to meetings
Corresponded with suffragists through letters
Bill is allowed to be read, possibility of its passing
Changes in public opinion towards women's suffrage
Know that the militants aim isn't to cause harm, but to result
in women's enfranchisement
Can see that the women are directly avoiding violence
The public can see how the government are treating the
women badly
Began to see them as a nuisance
The police and women seemed to be in a constant battle where
neither were going to win
People saw them as being crazy or martyrs
Men saw them as disgusting and felt resentment towards them
at meetings
They would charge at them and disturb meetings
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Lisa Forge 07/01/2009
Arrest becomes the norm
Many women in the suffrage movement were not mentally
Suffragists are against militant action
Hall of Fame
I think that the suffragists should be placed in the hall of fame over
the suffragettes. Although the suffragettes showed signs of bravery
and faster action, these can also be seen as idiocy, as it was these
actions that lead to deaths and imprisonment as well as general
uproar.…read more


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