Emergence of Militancy in the Suffrage Campaign


The beginnings of Militancy, 1903 – 1909:

20th century, working class men and upper class women could be MPs, boosts rise of the Labour Party

1905 – WSPU emerged, were much more militant than NUWSS, headed by the Pankhurst’s.

1860 – 1905 militancy was rallying public meetings etc, got a lot more sinister 1905 -1912.

 Taff Vale Case:

Railway workers on strike although employers gave in to demand for higher pay.

 WSPU Formation:

        Labour dismissed Emmeline’s proposed terms, led to uprising

        Peaceful protest had not worked for past 20 years, needed more force behind cause

 Sylvia heavily involved with working class in London, but after move here abandoned attempts to mobilise textile girls. Annie Kenney set out to prove working class wanted vote – focused on cultivating Tory members and supporting metropolitan society not WC.

 The ILP – formed at 2 day conference in Bradford, January 1893 by Kier Hardie and James Maxton…


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