OCR History B As: Liberal Sunset: Why did the Sufragettes the WSPU commit to Militant Action?



How it was sucessful

How it was sucessful

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The WSPU and Militant Action
Why did the WSPU commit itself to militant action?
Lack of process being made by the NUWSS
New Zealand and Australia women's suffrage
Christabel Pankhurst hatred of men
Emmeline Pankhurst's personality ­ deeds not words
Imprisonment of Christabel Pankhurst and Annie Kenney after disrupting a meeting
on free trade ­ both arrested and refused to pay a fine so where imprisoned
Force feeding
o Marion Wallace Dunlop arrested and imprisoned for painting extract of the
1689 bill of right on the wall of the house of commons
o Was refused political status in prison so began hunger striking
Prisoner's temporary discharge on ill health act
Asquith becomes prime minister ­ Previous pm Campbell Bannerman was more
sympathetic of women's suffrage
Public Meetings act 1908
Black Friday (18th November 1910)
o In protest to it becoming clear the conciliation bill would fail suffragettes
marched to parliament to protest
o Harsh actions of the police
o Resulted in the death of Ellen Pitfield
Emily Davidson's death ­ after throwing herself in front of the kind's horse and the
1913 Derby
Ambiguity of labour party
Qualification of women's act 1907 ­ gave women the hope of the vote
1913 women un willing to cooperate with men
Expansion of the Franchise
Rise in socialist ideas
Overcome of class divisions which characterised Edwardian Britain
Male oppression of women
Labour and Irish nationalists had opposing views the the WSPU
Asquith and the Liberals were largely against votes for women as they feared they
would favour conservatives
Conciliation bill
o proposed enfranchisement of women on the basis of householder or
occupation ­ would have resulted in 8% of women gaining the vote
o Bill gained majority but was doomed to failure as some cabinet ministers
opposed form the start
o drafted by a allparty committee
o Resulted in
Government's main concerns lay in other areas
o Trade unions
o Nationalists and unionists in Ireland
o Naval race with Germany
o Unstable political situation in Europe
o delayed suffrage until things looked more stable

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Who initiated militant actions of the suffragettes?
Emmeline Pankhurst
Christabel Pankhurst
Emily Davidson
Annie Kenney
Lost support and how it was unsuccessful
Alienated many women ­ increase in NUWSS membership from 6,000 in 1903 to
50,000 in 1913
Lost support of sympathetic natural allies Lloyd George
seen as antimale
Possibly delayed the vote
Overshadowed the good work of the NUWSS
Showed women as too emotional and unable to handle politics
seen as unlawful
Success of the militancy prior to 1914
Drew attention to themselves
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