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Sheet 2 ­ Eating Behaviour 07/04/14
Discuss explanations for the success
of dieting (24 marks)
Dieting refers to the adopting of a Individual differences need to be taken into
particular diet in order to achieve a consideration as this approach doesn't
particular purpose. work for everyone ­ some people find
One reasons why diets may succeed is constant monitoring by others stressful and
because of the support and use secretive binge eating strategies as a
encouragement received. Eating is often defence management.
part of social interaction, so many experts
think dieting should be too.
Informing friends and family of weight loss
goals should help reduce the temptations
of food and encourage positive
reinforcement from others.
Hardeman et al: states that regular Ogden: People who maintain weight loss
exercise, physical activity and following dieting are more likely to endorse
psychological factors appear to be a psychological model of obesity (as
important reasons in the maintenance of opposed to medical). The fact that some
weight loss. people do maintain the weight loss
suggests that restrained eating does not
necessarily lead to problematic outcomes
for all people in all situations.
Wadden: Investigated the effectiveness of
dietary interventions and found that these
interventions can result in substantial
changes in eating behaviour and weight
change in the first few months.
For dieting to be successful, a person General AO2: There is a lot of research
needs to hold a model of obesity that support suggesting that dieting can be
focuses on behaviour as central to their successful.
weight problem. Avoid a state of denial The use of experimental research ensures
whereby they want to eat but do not. that key variables are manipulated and
Create a situation whereby food is no highly controlled ­ thus higher
longer considered as rewarding and generalisability.
establish a new identity as a thinner Many studies involve a nonstudent
person. sample, thus results should be more
generalisable and reflect of the experience
of the many people who have tried to lose
weight by limiting what they eat.
`What the hell' response if dieters have
eaten one thing they shouldn't have then
they think their diet is no longer worth
maintaining for that day and they eat more
while they can.


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