Studies and Statistics for the Family Topic

Condensed list of sociological studies and statistics for the family and households topic. These are brief.

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2001 Census recorded 24.4 million households in the UK
Murdock four functions and 250 societies
Parsons primary socialisation and the stabilisation of adult personalities, warm bath
Morgan points out that Murdock makes no reference to alternative family types
Engels economic function of the family
Zaretsky man is the king of his castle
Benston if housework was paid it would damage capitalist profits immensely
Ansley women act as a safety valve
Delphy and Leonard women do most of the work and men get most of the benefit
Charles Murray found the culture of dependency
Judith Stacey there will never be a dominant family type again
O'Brien and Jones found there was less family diversity than Stacey suggested
The average size of households is getting smaller
The amount of nuclear families has declined
Single person and lone parent households are increasing
Weeks, Donovan et al found an increase in gay and lesbian households
More people are cohabiting
40% of all births are outside of marriage
The nuclear family is still the most common
78% of children live in nuclear families
Rapoport and Rapoport identified 5 types of family diversity
Modood et al found diversity within ethnic groups regarding structure
Macionis and Plummer new technology allows for previously impossible family structures
Murray suggested that single mothers are a principle cause of crime
Chester there has been some growth in family diversity but nuclear is still the dominant
Weeks, Donovan et al suggested that family commitment is now viewed as an ongoing
Weeks found an increased choice in morality
Willmott and Young predicted the development of joint conjugal roles
Edgell tested this theory and didn't find any families with joint conjugal roles
Boulton men may help with specific parts of childcare but women are primarily responsible
Ferri and Smith found that two thirds of fulltime working mothers said they were
responsible for the cooking and cleaning
Oakley thinks that the role of the housewife was socially constructed during the industrial
Edgell found that men had the decision making control over the important things
Pahl found that the most common way dual income couples control money is through
`husband controlled pooling'
Diane Bell there is an emotional economy within the family that women take care of
Duncombe and Marsden women do a triple shift
Dunne equal conjugal roles within lesbian households
Melanie Phillips women also abuse men
Aries childhood is recent and socially constructed
Postman childhood is disappearing


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