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Families and households:

Topic1: Couples

Parsons: women and men play expressive and instrumental roles based on their biological
Young and Willmott: symmetrical family, husband and wives so the same/ similar jobs
Younger couples have an even more symmetrical family
Anne Oakley: women who work still do a lot of…

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Edward Shorter: the reasons for adults treating children badly in the middle ages was
because infant mortality was high and children were expected to die, so they were not
Palmer: technology and media is altering children's physical and intellectual ideas
Margo and Dixon: having a negative childhood leads to…

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Topic4: Demography

Birth Rate: number of live births per 1000 of the population per year
Infant Mortality Rate: number of children who die before their first birthday per 1000 of the
population per year
Death Rate: the number of deaths per 1000 of the population per year
Birth rate is…

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Net migration: the difference between immigration and emigration
Immigration into the UK has increased, creating a more diverse society
Reasons for emigration:
Usually economic reasons
Sometimes towards a better climate
There has been an increase in both immigration and emigration
In 2004, there was net migration of 223.000 people into…

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Tamara Havery: there is flexibility because families can choose and make their own decisions
Claire Holdsworth and David Morgan: examined how young people experience leaving home
Focuses on what family member consider important
Suitable for studying families in today's society, where there is more choice
David Morgan: family practises are…

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People are marrying later
People aren't getting married in churches
Fewer people are marrying
Marriage is only a piece of paper. It doesn't mean anything
Secularisation: people see marriage as religious
Declining stigma towards alternatives (cohabitation, being single etc.)
Fear of divorce
Women want to further their careers
Cohabitation: being…

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Immigration has made Britain much more diverse
Tracey Reynolds: statistics are misleading, just because long parent families are high
doesn't mean that they don't being up stable and supportive societies
Asian Families are usually larger
Some households hold 3 generations, but they are nuclear rather than extended
When migrating, they…

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Marxists don't have the march of progress view
Donzelot: high authorities (police, social workers etc.) control families by telling them
how they should look after their family
Gender Regimes: certain things that different genders do
Familistic Gender Regimes: follows the idea that the male should play the instrumental
role. And…


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