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Stress related illness: The immune system
1. Acute stressors ­ examination stress
2. Chronic stressors ­ relationship stress
3. The effects of stress can enhance the immune system
4. Sergestrom and Miller meta-analysis

Acute stressors ­ examination stress:
Kiecolt-Glaser et al (1984):
Natural experiment looking at whether the stress of…

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Looked at the activity of the antibody slgA which coats mucous of the lungs,
mouth and stomach and helps protect against infection
Arranged for students to give a talk in front of other student, this is mild
but acute stress
Students showed increased levels of slgA during the talk

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People who had high anger ratings were 250% (2.5 times more likely) more
likely to have a heart attack than those with lower ratings
Participants who scored a moderate on the scale were 35% more likely to
suffer from a coronary event
Increased anger can lead to increased risk of…

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They found stressful life events were only associated with depression,
there is no evidence to suggest it causes any of the other disorders


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