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Kobasa and Maddi - Control, challenge and commitment.

Kobasa - Hardy executives were less likely to be ill related to stress

Maddi et al - Hardiness attributes in thriving employees.

Lifton - Hardy students more likely to graduate.

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Type A and B personalities

Type A

- Respond to stress impatiently and with hostility.

- Friedmann and Rosemann, Type A's far more likely to suffer from fatal heart attacks

Type B

- More relaxed

- Decreased risk of stress related illness

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Workplace stress


- Marmot et al found no link between workload and stress related illness.

- Johansson et al. High levels of workload and reptitive tasks associated with high levels of stress.


- Marmot found low job control linked to stress in civil service study.

- Schaubroeck et al. Some workers are lessed when they have no control.

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Daily Hassles

- Bouteyre et al. Positive correlation inbetween HSUP and depression in undergraduates

- Gervais Uplifts of a job counteract its hassles, when nurses interviewed.

- Less social support for daily hassles.

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Life changes

- Rahe, Positive correlation inbetween LCU's and illness.

- Michael and Ben-Zur Divorced and Bereaved different experiences.

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The Immune system

- Kiecolt and Glaser. They showed that both short term and long term stress had an effect on the immune system.

- Marucha - When stressed wounds heal slower.

-Malarkey - Marital conflicts lead to poorer immune system functioning

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