Aims and context - Rahe et al

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  • Aims & Context
    • Stress response
      • Change (good or bad) contribute to ill health
      • Correlation between life stress, life changes, personal loss and subsquent illness
      • Uses retrosopective data to collect evidence
    • Holmes and Rahe
      • Proposed a score of 150 + on the SRE scale increased stress related illness by 30%
      • Proposed a score of 300 on SRE scale increased stress related illness by 50%
    • Other pervious reserch
      • Little previous reserch had been conducted out side of hospital settings.
      • Pervious reserch mainly consisted of asking hospital paitents to report life changes in recent years
    • Aims
      • Is there a prospective positive correlation between life changes and future illness?
      • Took place on Navy ships so all crew were exposed to the same conditions ie food and climate.
      • Aimed to conduct prosepctive study correlating LCU scores over two years with illness


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