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Holmes and Rahe:

Studied whether stress of life changes was linked to illnesses. They ranked life changes to the level of
stress produced and called it the social reajustment rating scale (SRRS). They also created the life
changing unit (LCU) which gave a number value of life events that required…

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Marmot et al:

Proposed the `job restrain model' causes stress and illnesses in two ways:

1. High work load: greater job demands
2. Low job control: over deadlines, procedures etc.

Studied civil servants with high grade or low grade position

Method: 7372 civil servants given questions on workload, job control…

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We cannot avoid stress but we can change how we think about it. There are four stages in SIT.

1. Conceptualisation: establishing a relationship between client and therapist and learning impact of
2. Skills acquisition phase and rehearsal: ways to cope encouraged viewing problems in a different


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