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  • STRESS!!!
    • stress and immune system
      • immune response
        • the body is so focused on dealing with the stress that the body stops producing cells important in the immune system eg phagocytes, helper t cells ect...
          • this means you could be more likely to get ill and run down
      • effect on health
        • CHD, blood pressure, slow healing ect..
    • everyday life
      • life changes (marriage, childbirth, moving house)
        • SRRS = List of life changing events with a rating. people had to add up how many they had been though in the past two year to see how stressed they were
          • hard to generalise because al rating were by americans
      • Daily hassles eg, cleaning, arguing, driving
        • wear you down over tme
      • work place stress
        • work load and job controll
          • people with higher work load and most controll are more stressed
    • personality
      • Type B = Less agressive and more relaxed
      • Type A = Agressive and competitive
      • type C = thrives and stress
    • stress management
      • physiological
        • DRUGS
          • bz's .... mode of action
          • beta blockers... mode of actions
          • drugs can be very effective in helping symptoms but not causes of stress. they have many side effects and you can become relient on them.
      • psychological
        • stress inoculation therapy (SIT)
          • sit is a form of cbt which  conceptualises stress, give you skills to help it and tests is on the outside world
          • this can be very expensive and time consuming.


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