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Stress and everyday life
Life changes and daily hassles.…read more

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Life changes
· Holmes and Rahe developed the SRRS
· The SRRS is a scale of 43 events with a value
award to them for how traumatic it was (life
changing units)
· This could be used to calculate the LCU over a
period of time depending on how many life
events an individual has experienced.
· This need for adjustment causes stress.…read more

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Does having a high LCU cause
· Yamada found relationship between the score
on the SRRS and the development of
sarcoidosis, suggesting the higher the score of
the SRRS the more likely sarcoidosis was to
· Palesh found that women who had breast
cancer were more likely to relapse if they had
experience more stressful life events.…read more

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Key study (link of Score on SRRS and
· Rahe conducted a Prospective study on the crew
of 3 naval ships
· He assessed them for LCUs in the preceding 2
· The men spent 6-8 months onboard whilst
medical staff kept a record of illnesses.
· Rahe found there was a significant positive
correlation between illness rate and LCUs
· Suggesting that more life changing events can
cause illness.…read more

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Daily hassles.
· Kanner developed the hassles scale to
measure 117 events that annoy people
on a daily basis.
· Kanner also developed the uplifts scale
which consisted of 138 good things that
can happen on a daily basis.…read more

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Daily Hassles key study
· Newman researched daily hassles, cortisol levels (HPAC
response) and unhealthy behaviour (snacking)
· 50 woman (not on the pill or menopausal) tested for
cortisol levels through saliva testing 8 times.
· 1st was when relaxed and the when stressed
(presentation and counting backwards)
· The woman then had to keep a snack diary for 14 days
· The women who were divided into high cortisol
reactivity was higher after stressor than the low
· Woman who have a strong hormonal response to
stress are likely to engage in stress induced eating
which may also lead to bad health.…read more

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