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Hassles and Uplifts scale
Delongis came up with The daily hassles and
Uplifts Scale or HSUP.
It measures peoples attitudes towards daily
It provides a way of evaluating both the
positive and negative events that occur in each
persons daily life.…read more

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Daily Hassles
Investigated the mental health of students during
the initial transition period from school to
First year psychology students at a French
university complete the hassles part of the HSUP
and the Beck Depression Inventory as a measure
for any symptoms of depression.
41% of these students ad depressive symptoms,
and there was a positive correlation between
scores on the hassles scale and the incidence of
depressive symptoms.…read more

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Daily Uplifts
Gervais 2005.
Asked nurse to keep a diary for a month,
recording their daily hassles and uplift while at
At the end of the month it was clear that daily
hassles were found to increase job strain and
decrease job performance. Nurses felt that the
score of the uplifts they experienced
counteracted the negative effects of their daily
hassles. The daily uplifts also improved their
performance on the job.…read more

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Hassles Versus Life Changes
Australian study; daily hassles were linked to greater
psychological and physical dysfunction than major
negative life events.
Major life-changing events may differ from daily hassles;
320 students, half men and half women, read a scenario
describing an individual who had experienced either a
major life event or daily hassles. They then rated the
amount of support the person would receive and seek
from others. Those who had suffered major life events
were rated higher in both seeking and receiving support
from others, suggesting that compared to major life
events, the greater negative influence of daily hassles on
psychological adjustment may be due to the reduced
social and emotional support received from others.…read more

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The Accumulation Effect.
An accumulation of minor daily stressors
creates persistent irritations, frustrations and
overloads which then result in more serious
stress reactions such as anxiety and
The Amplification Effect.
Chronic stress due to major life changes may
make people more vulnerable to daily hassles.…read more

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