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The Biosphere is the area of our planet which involves all of the living organisms and the non living
elements which affect us.
The Biosphere is separated into many different ecosystems. An ecosystem is a biological unit which
involves the interactions between living and non living things.

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All organisms within an ecosystem need food to survive. Depending on how they obtain food,
organisms are divided into 2 groups ­ producers and consumers.

Producers- Green plants are called producers because the produce their own food.

Consumers- Consumers can be divided into 3 groups depending on what they consume.…

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The growth of a population depends on the birth and death rate.
When the birth rate > death rate, the population grows.
When the birth rate < death rate, the population decreases.
When the birth rate = death rate, the population is stable.

If rabbits were introduced to a wood…

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o Animals must consume plants or animals to get protein.
o found in waterlogged soil, changes nitrate into nitrogen gas.
o Peas, beans, clover.
o Have root nodules containing nitrogen fixing bacteria.
o Convert nitrogen gas to nitrate ( nitrogen fixing)

Nitrifying bacteria converts ammonium to…


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