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Balanced diet

Our diet needs:

Carbohydrates e.g. Pasta Bread Cake Cereal ( Gives us energy )

Protein e.g. Any meat Peas and Beans Fish Cereals ( For groth and repair )

Fats and Oil: Milk Bacon/Pork Nuts Olive Oil Chips ( Stores for warmth & more energy )

Dietary Fibre: Cereals Bread Vegetables Fruit ( Prevents constipation )

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Food Tests

  • Food Type                      Test                                      Positive Result
  • Starch                     Iodine solution+ Starch                  Inky Blue
  • Protein                    Biuret solution+Egg albumen        Purple
  • Simple sugars         Benedicts+Glucose                       Orange 
  • Fats & Oils              Etahnol+Water                              Cloudy
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Digestive System


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The heart circulation


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Tissue Fluid Formation


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Aerobic-with oxygen

oxygen+glucose-water +carbon dioxide+[ENERGY]

Anerobic Respiration-Without Oxygen

Glucose-Lactic Acid+[ENERGY]

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Breathing System


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Super Bugs


They are the smallest microbes. Scientist belive they are not organisms because they can only live in living cells.


Bacteria ar much bigger than viruses and are definatly living.


Yeast is usally bigger than bacteria and is made up of many cellss.


















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