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    • specialised cells are sperm cell, egg cell, ciliated cell, palisade cell, root hair cell, nerve cell and red blood cell.
    • The bodies of all plants and animals are made up of tiny living units called cells.
    • cytoplasm is jelly that fills the cell, chemical reactions happen here.
    • the cell wall covers the membrane and gives strength to a plant cell.
    • chloroplasts absorb light energy to make food for the plant.
    • the nucleus controls what the cell does.
    • the red blood cell has no nucleus. It is designed to carry oxygen.
    • nerve cells are long and can carry electric signals. their job is to carry nerve impulses to different parts of the body.
    • the sperm cell is designed to fertilise the egg cell. it has a tail to help it swim to the egg cell. the head contains enzymes which allow it to digest into an egg cell and join with it.
    • the egg cell is designed to be fertilised. It is found in the ovaries and it is large and bulky.
    • the root hair cell is designed for absorbing. it has a thin cell wall that makes it easy for minerals to pass through.


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