Sports Participation Pyramid

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The Sports Participation Pyramid
The sports participation pyramid
illustrates the development from
mass participation at the base of
the pyramid to excellence.
The greater number of people
who become involved in sport
through participating and
volunteering, the broader the
The broader the base, the more
likely it is that some will achieve
Elite ­ These people are at the best of their sport. They enter high level competitions and
win most of the time. For example, this person will win their sport at the Olympics against
other people in the world.
Performance ­ These people are able to qualify for national events and world events but
will not reach the top. These people will be able to qualify.
Participation ­ These people tend not to enter national events but will have success at
local events. These people will attend clubs and be one of the best.
Foundation ­ This level is a base for the sport. It will involve learning new skills. These
people would not enter competitions.


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