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The Participation Pyramid 


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—Most participants are learning /experiencing basic sporting skills —Primary PE lessons —Top Play Activities (Sports Development) —Multi-sport sessions

The acquisition of good exercise /skill habits provides a basis for personal development and future participation in a chosen sport.

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Young people begin to participate regularly in a specific activity for enjoyment. —Sports development contributes significantly to this stage: —TOP programme (after school coaching) —School festivals —Multi-skills clubs —Club school links

Sports clubs become important at this stage as they make the link to the next stage of development.

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—Young people begin to concentrate on sport specific skills and to develop talent in specific sports. —Quality coaching is essential part of player development at this level (where i am at for football)

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—This stage is the peak of the pyramid, where individuals reach sporting excellence. —The pyramid narrows here as fewer people take part at this level. —Governing bodies of sport are responsible for development at this level as players pass from county to regional to national squads.

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Influences Ronaldo (2) (

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