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e to ie
cerrar Similar verbs
1. cierro Querer - quiero
2. cierras
3. cierra
4. cerramos
5. cerráis
6. cierran…read more

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e to i
Similar verbs
1. repito Pedir - pido
2. repites
3. repite
4. repetimos
5. repetís
6. repiten…read more

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El crucigrama…read more

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La informática
http://www.quia.com/rr/425888.html www.espanol-extra.co.uk
strandclap londres007
http://www.quia.com/pa/34862.html Language and grammar
Radical changing or spelling
change verbs
Español grammar
The present tense 2
Ex. 6 and 7…read more


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