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Info & Instructions
This is the minimum core vocabulary as specified by the exam board. They use
this vocab as a basis when they set the listening and reading exams. There may
well be words not in this list, but if you are confident with everything in this book
then you are guaranteed to do well in the exams.
Only the Spanish is given in this booklet and it is your job to fill in the English.…read more

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4 Verbs
7 Adjectives
9 Colours & Adverbs
10 Quantities & Connecting Words
11 Time Expressions
12 Time, Days & Months
13 Question Words & Other Expressions
14 Other High Frequency Words
15 Countries & Continents
16 Nationalities & Regions
17 Social Conventions, Dialogues & Messages
18 Prepositions
19 TOPIC AREA - Out & About
23 TOPIC AREA - Customer Service & Transactions
25 TOPIC AREA - Personal Information
27 TOPIC AREA - Future Plans, Education & Work
3…read more

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Colours Adverbs
9…read more

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Quantities Connecting Words
10…read more


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