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Sources of formal
and informal
Formal Informal…read more

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O Partners, family or friends, charity-based
O Unpaid
O Can be qualified but provide support on a
charitable basis.…read more

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Family and Friends
O Can help move furniture when a person moves
O Provide transport for disabled person
O Give advice
O Sharing personal experiences of grief and loss
O Listen to one another
O Use conversation to show we understand how other
people feel
O Visiting friends or relatives in hospital
O Being able to talk to other people about life events…read more

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Voluntary Services
O May get funding from government or from
O Some may be registered charities…read more

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Example of Voluntary
Relate: relationships advice ­ any age
O MENCAP: learning disabilities and mental illness, and carer support
O Gingerbread: lone parent families
O Victim Support: counsels victims of crime
O Help the Aged/ Age Concern ­ deals with elderly people and carers
O Citizens Advice Bureau: any complex problems- often
financial/legal/housing issues
O CRUSE: grief counselling
O Winston's Wish: grief counselling for children.
O Red Cross: supply of equipment on loan for people with disabilities.
O There are also numerous websites. Forums, charities and advice
sources available on the internet to help with information, the
expression of emotion, and the ability to feel part of a group of similar
people, which avoids isolation and enables sharing of experiences to
build confidence in ability to cope.…read more

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Faith Based Services
O Local church groups
O Often give services for free & do not make profits
O May pray for a family/person in times of need
O May be run nationally or on a local basis
O Support people of their faith who need help
O E.g. Catholic Children's Rescue Society which provides
housing help for young catholic women who are pregnant.
O May provide befriending services for
O Not specifically for people of that faith.…read more

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Fab resource which I used to revise this topic. Found it extremely difficult at first but then I saw this resource and understood it. Thank you! :)

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